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What Type of Appraiser Do You Need?

Vermont Appraisers

Certified Residential Appraiser: A certified residential appraiser may perform 1-4 unit residential appraisals without regard to transaction value or complexity. A certified residential appraiser may also perform non-residential appraisals up to a transaction value of $250,000 without regard to complexity. If a certified residential licensee is performing appraisals of non-residential properties over a transaction value of $250,000 the licensee must be in association with a certified general licensee who takes responsibility for the licensee’s work and that person must sign the report.

Certified General Appraiser: A certified general appraiser may perform appraisals of all types of real property without regard to transaction value or complexity.

Appraiser Trainee: An appraiser trainee may perform activities within the scope of practice of the license sought provided that the supervising appraiser reviews and signs all resulting appraisals, is present with the trainee during the inspection process, is familiar with the market data used in the appraisal report and takes full responsibility for the appraisal. The appraiser trainee may sign the report but must be clearly identified as a “trainee” in all areas of the report in which the trainee’s name appears.

For more information consult the Vermont Board of Appraisers

Also you may consult: Vermont Department of Taxes, Division of Property Valuation and Review